Happy Diwali Best Quotes In English 19th October 2017

By | October 8, 2017

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the India’s biggest Festival. Deepavali is a festival of light and every Indian celebrates it with joy. Here we are providing the best article of “Happy Diwali Best Quotes In English 19th October 2017”.

Happy Diwali Wallpaper

Happy Diwali Wallpaper

Deepawali is an official holiday in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and school holiday in many states of US with significant Hindu population.

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in Hindustan. Its celebration includes millions of light shining on house, Outside doors, and windows around templates and building in the communities and countries where it is observed.

This festival is celebrated according to the Hindi calendar month of Kartika which falls sometime during October or November. It is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of Exile and his victory over the Demon Ravana. The Hindus worship the Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi During  Diwali.On Diwali night everyone enjoys with family, friends, and relatives. Diwali is associated with light, sweet and lifelines, light and fireworks have a significant role to play in the festival.”Happy Deepavali”…

Happy Diwali Best Quotes In English 19th October 2017:

Here we are providing you some of the best Diwali Quotes in English to celebrated Happy Diwali with your family and friends. Check it out some of the special of ” Happy Diwali Best Quotes In English 19th October 2017″.

  • May this Diwali be bright for you and your family,                                                                                                             May God fulfill all your wishes this Diwali…” happy Deepavali”.
  • May this Diwali be held close to our hearts because its meaning never ends and the spirit of which is warmth and joy of remembering old friends…!!! “Happy Diwali Quotes”.
  • This Diwali while you light firecrackers do spare a thought for the environment, Save the environment, so say no to crackers.”Happy Diwali”…
  • With a hope that you attain Success bliss with every light is lit on the day of Diwali…”Happy Diwali”.
  •   Diwali is a festival full of sweet memories, a sky full of fireworks, a mouth full of sweets, the house full of diyas and a heart full of enjoyment.”Happy Diwali!”
  • Wishing you and your family bombastic Diwali, Have lots of love and fun…
  • May the Supreme Light illumine your minds, enlighten your hearts, and strengthen the human bonds in your homes and communities. “Happy Deepavali”.
  • Happy Diwali.., I hope the day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many magical moments.!!!
  • Diwali makes us together at one place,
    create a smile on all faces.
    and boost our love for each other,
    May we always keep this spirit n courage for each other.”Diwali Mubarak”.!
  • A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud,
    a simple SMS is just enough to express the heartiest feelings.
    Enjoy the festival of Diwali with lots of fun…”Happy Diwali 2017″..!!
  • Doubt is like darkness, Trust is like light,
    There is no way to destroy light by throwing,
    darkness into it,
    So come together and enjoy the festival of lights.”Diwali Quotes”.

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